My Skincare Journey with Peels (Progress : 2 months)

Hey everyone! 

A few weeks ago, I mentioned that I would be posting about my struggle with acne so here we are! Please note that I had never planned to share this process with anyone as I was too embarrassed about my skin, therefore, if I seem a little short with my descriptions, it's because I'm still learning and this is definitely an "in-progress" post. Because of this, I am limited to what photos of the process I have to show you (because I wasn't prancing around taking selfies on bad skin days - haha), but I think I found a few that get the point across. Regardless, I'm so happy with my results in just two months that I want to share it with you. PLUS! One of my favorite products that I use, Revision Intellisade, has generously given me 10 tubes for my giveaway next week so stay tuned for that! Alright let's get into it. As always, these are 100% my own thoughts and opinions.



My struggle with acne began around 13 years old. I'll be 27 in a few weeks so it's about time that I get this sorted out! 

Previous treatments I tried: creams (both prescribed and over the counter), prescribed pills, going on a dairy free diet, and even having a consultation about Acutane only to go through the entire process with blood work and deciding this was not the route I wanted to go. 

The initial problem I wanted to fix: Hyperpigmentation and cystic acne

Consultation: I found out about Brandi Altrichter because we are in the same cycling club together and so many girls raved about the wonders she had done for them. She works at her own private practice called Boost Beauty here in Atlanta. She analyzes your skin, asks you all kinds of questions and tells you want you need to do to start addressing the issue. P.S. Brandi is awesome and is also a fellow cyclist!! 

Pre-Peel Treatment: I got started with a new skin care regimen from MyBody and used isClinical serum day and night. She gave me a few other things I should be doing to help balance out my PH with apple cider vinegar and aloe. I did this for a few weeks to try and control my acne.

My First Peel: Steaming, extractions, the peel, and lovely post peel products. The steaming is fine, it is exactly what it sounds like - a lot of steam in your face. The extractions, well that is the worst part in my opinion. It's having your face squeezed on with gloves, tissues and a needle if anything needed to be lanced. I had way more than I even realized. After the extractions I had the peel put on my face. This part is very quick and it only burns for a very short amount of time. After the peel you get what I consider a sweet little facial when she puts on all kinds of good smelling and nice serums and lotions. *Note, I have had peels from different brands and I only like PCA. This is just my personal opinion and what worked for me and my skin. If you've had a peel in the past and didn't like it, maybe consider a different brand. I have never, ever had the results that you see Samantha had in Sex in the City. This peel is NOTHING to that degree. 

Post Peel: The following day my face was red, almost brownish in color and the extractions kind of make you look like you had more acne than when you started. BUT DON'T WORRY, this will go away. The following day I began to peel, starting around my mouth, then forehead, then cheeks and lastly my neck. I'm not sure why it kind of goes in that order, but it did. I peeled "heavily" for two days and lightly peeled a third day. The peel doesn't hurt, but it's just kind of annoying. The way I can describe it is, when you put on a clay facemask and it starts to harden and you try to talk, but the mask pulls at your skin a little because it's tight. It's that feeling but for 48 hours. Not painful, just a little annoying. 

Downtime? I've read that people take off work to have this done, but I work in an office all day and race on the weekends. Personally, I just dealt with looking like a shedding snake. It's kind of embarrassing and I always feel the need to tell someone as soon as they see me what's going on. But after the initial interaction with a stranger or friends, I'm over it in 2 min. I mean, it's just skin, whatever. 

How many peels have you had? I had a peel done every two weeks where I had extractions 4 out of the 5 times.

Current Products I'm using:

- Mybody ERASE IT Clarifying + Anti-Aging Essentials (4 piece set with cleanser, refining gel, moisturizer and SPF)

- isClinical Active Serum (this is QUEEN of my skincare routine)

- Revision Dej Eye Cream

and for makeup base, I only use:
- Revision Intellishade (giving away 10 of these next week!)
- either GLO or PUR mineral makeup 

Next on the list that I want to fix : Black heads and scars. Although my acne is a lot more under control, it is the scars that drive me insane. That and what's up with these blackheads? Got to go.

What is next? As far as I know, we will still be doing extractions and peels. I was advised to get a Clarisonic so I put that on my Christmas list and I've heard Brandi mention that micro needling is in my future. Anyways, when I feel like I have new things to share with you guys about my journey, I'll do another progress post! 

If you want to contact Brandi, here is her info:

Brandi Altrichter RN, BSN

If you aren't in Atlanta and want to try a PCA Peel, you can use their locator via their website.

As always, if you have any questions, please comment below!