Body Geometry Fit | Part 2

Part Two: Body Geometry Fit (to read Part One, click here)

We got started with the interview and physical assessment where Micah, the Body Geometry Fit Specialist, checked and analyzed everything from the tips of my toes up through my feet, knees, pelvis, spine, core, shoulders and neck. We throughly went through the list of questions he had for me and discussed any current pain, problems and goals for riding. I discovered that I had different arches on each foot and how that translated into my cycling. Everything was so detailed and there was a reason and explanation for it all. The words “maybe” and “probably” weren’t used,  it was science and for once in my life, all of the issues I had with riding were being addressed. 

After the physical portion, it was time to get on the bike. With cameras around me, everything was documented and being sent straight to the computer for analyzation. Addressing my number one complaint, soft tissue pain, we spent a fair amount of time trying out various saddles. I’m ridiculously happy that Specialized introduced the Power Saddle this year because that’s what ended up working best for me. Once the reach, saddle, knee angle and drop were dialed in, we moved on to the footwear. Placing new footbeds in each shoe, I was able to easily pull up on the pedal rather than curling my toes to fill up the shoe (yeah, that was actually happening). Moving on, he adjusted the cleat placement in order to neutralize my toe position and keep them from pointing out. Once everything was in place and completely dialed in, Micah took measurements and photos of the adjustments. He went to grab a stem to put on the bike and realized he didn’t have a Specialized one in stock, so he took if off his own bike. So amazing and kind. 

At this point, we are a few hours in and the store is closed, yet there is no rushed feeling. He proceeds to take the bike into the shop area, give it a once over, make sure it’s shifting correctly and put on my pedals, Garmin mount and bottle cages. Wrapping up our conversation, I leave with advice about what to expect with a new fit, how to approach my next race, and a request that I come back for a follow up. He reminds me to make sure I let him know immediately if anything is uncomfortable when I ride this week and we pack up my beautiful new bike perfectly fit for me.

Special thanks to Micah and Jeremy at Georgia Cycle Sport

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