Three Gaps in North Georgia

The “Three Gap” route in North Georgia is full of mountain views, rolling hills, lakes and long stretches of country road. I’m not great at climbing, but because this route is polar opposite of riding in the city of Atlanta, I suffer for the scenery, quiet and fast descents. Oh, and of course for the training to get faster in races. 

What I’ve learned:
- Go early before the Georgia humidity takes over or you will melt.
- There is a gas station between Wolfpen and Woody Gap where a dog is always waiting for his owner outside. 
- When you get to the top of Neels, look up in the trees. It’s a major stop for hikers on the Appalachian Trail and there are hundreds of boots hanging above you. You can also go to the side of the building to get water and catch an amazing view.
- After you descend down Woody, make sure you toss a rock on the “Stonepile Gap.” Legend says it’s the grave of Trahlyta and you too shall receive happiness and beauty as she did when she was alive. 

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