Don't forget about your core

It's too often that cyclists directly focus on their legs and disregard the rest of their body. "If you have a strong core it will increase your power to your pedals, increase your endurance, allow you to be more comfortable on the bike (specifically reducing lower back pain), take corners more efficiently and have a more efficient pedal stroke." says Lee Agur, from I Love Bicycling. Obviously I'm no professional, but I'm here to remind you to make sure you add in some core work for better results on the bike. I won't even pretend to coach you, because I wouldn't know where to begin, but I do know there are countless articles (like this one) out there with plenty of ideas and plenty of YouTube videos to help you out! I also recommend a stability ball, as those are some of my favorite workouts to do! 


Babes Ride Bikes

It's still hot in Atlanta right now, but I already want to live in this sweater. When Adrienne (@lotdeux) started @babesridebikes, I knew I had to snag an item and support this girl. The message she is putting out about cycling is so energetic and I love how she does what she wants regardless of the "technical" or "negative" comments she gets about riding. (Placement of a water bottle cage is not that important people, relax). She wants to ride and she wants everyone else to ride - in their own way, not in the way that you're told that you're supposed to. Sometimes cycling is daunting and you experience several learning curves, so I appreciate this girl encouraging everyone in a positive way. We need more PMA in this world. Thanks Adrienne for putting this simple phrase on a shirt and creating BRB. I'm stoked to follow along and see you continuously shed light on the joys of cycling with your adorable Australian accent. 💪

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