CycleOps Trainer to Ride Inside

Hey guys! Is it getting cold where you live yet? It's not cold in Atlanta just yet, but it's been raining nearly every day - so much, that there is a meme going around saying Atlanta has changed its name to Seattle. Help - I need sun! I'm not looking forward to winter, I never ever ever ever am. In the winter months I turn into a wuss about riding outside. I'm originally from Florida, so I run for the heated blanket when it gets cold and I would rather hibernate until it's Spring again. Sadly, life doesn't work that way and neither do my workouts. Although there are PLENTY of days that I bundle up, suck it up and ride outside, there are also nights that I come home from work late and would rather not torture myself with the cold, so I choose to ride inside. Side note : I wonder how many of you are fainting right now because you'd rather die than ride a trainer. Well, good for you guys - you're a bunch of little badasses. For the rest of you (who are also badass, but like the warmth), I'm here to tell you about my experience with a trainer. I'm the weirdo who actually loves riding the trainer. In fact, I've considered teaching spin class because I think it's so fun (maybe one day)! 

SO, I've owned my own CycleOps Fluid trainer for about two years and prior to that, I would borrow my boyfriends trainer. I use it to warm up for races or get in my workouts when it's too cold for my bones, raining or I just feel like it. Recently I've upgraded to the CycleOps PowerSync and it's made a huge difference. This version plugs into the wall, reads the software on my iPad (you can also use a PC) and automatically syncs the workouts with the trainer so that it controls the resistance on my bike. In a nut shell, if the workout is simulating a climb, it will get harder for me to pedal. I've also had a go with their virtual training program that allows you to enter your specific information and get extremely detailed with your data. Because I don't understand much about data, I can't explain it all to you, but trust me - there is a lot. So if you're into geeking out over watts and TSS - I'm looking at you. The virtual training allows you to join challenges, race online, choose what routes you want to do or create your own workout. I definitely recommend it.

Usually I accompany my trainer workouts with a movie or an upbeat playlist of music. So if you've been thinking that these winter months mean you won't be riding, you should really consider a trainer. There are several different versions in different price ranges so you can start with what suites you best. If you can't go for the PowerSync, I recommend the Fluid where you'll be able to shift your bike when it's time to "climb" and adjust the difficulty yourself.

If you guys still have more questions, I'll steer you into the direction of the professionals on their site, where they explain the specifics much better than I can.

Do you already have a trainer and you're interested in trying their Virtual Training? You can sign up for two weeks free and see what you think for yourself! 

Have you ever tried riding a trainer? Do you like it?

Bike: Specialized Amira
Bibs: FYXO
Socks: The Wonderful Socks