What's in My Cycling Bag?

What's in my cycling bag depends on the weather, am I racing or training, am I traveling or staying local, cyclocross or road, etc. So here is my bag for a CX training ride. I can't get enough of Specialized which is why they make up 99% of my key items. I believe all of these items can be found on their site, except the pink jacket that turns into a vest (coming soon though, I believe). But let's take a moment to admire the gorgeous replica Boels/Dolmans kit. It's my favorite, and I always feel so pretty when I wear it. Their are only five items that aren't Specialized : my donut neck buff, headphones (I promise I'm being safe if I even wear them at all), Larga socks, monogrammed polka dot velcro changing towel (this never leaves my bag except to wash), and Oakley sunglasses.

Here is a closer look at some of the smaller items. Starting from the top left and going down : Baby wipes, Skratch hydration, heart rate monitor, donut buff, headache medicine, dry shampoo (to freshen up my sweaty hair after a ride), Rip Van Wafels (so yummy), deodorant, tube/air, Oakley sunglasses, Garmin 510, Clif Bar, Revision Intellishade with SPF (key item!), chapstick, Stix front/rear lights, socks, chamois cream, multi tool, tire levers, and glasses cleaner! A few needed items that aren't pictured are my bike (obviously), sports bra, tire pump, recovery drink, and my much needed first aid kit, hah! I hope I'm not forgetting anything, story of my life! :)

Read my official post on the Specialized Blog on Tuesday morning, here! 

What are some of your key items that you pack for a ride? Anything that is an absolute must that most people don't use?