A Night with Clif Bar

Earlier this year, Clif Bar developed a team that brought a large physical presence to the South East. Through this, I've visited the crew at multiple races and I've tried two products new to me that I'm now obsessed with : the Nut Butter Filled Bars and the Organic Energy Food, specifically the Apple Cinnamon Oatmeal. Last week they threw an epic launch party at Orpheus Brewing to celebrate the release of their Nut Butter Filled Bars and brought me along (umm, amazing TY so much). You best believe I was there eating my weight in bars!

Now the brand itself isn't new to me as I've been eating original Clif Bars for several years and I use the blocks during long rides. **Please look at this throw back image I found on my Instagram from 2013 where I was wishing for a lifetime supply, haha.** P.S. still wishing.


Since then, I've replaced my love for the OG Clif Bars and find myself buying the Nut Butter Filled ones instead. I am obsessed with Chocolate Hazelnut Butter and shockingly the Coconut Almond Butter (typically not a coconut fan). So much so, that I've turned my co-workers at FlyWheel on to them. 


The event started around 5PM where we were given blinky lights and water-bottles if needed, and taken on an urban bike ride courtesy of the Atlanta BeltLine Tours. We learned the history of the BeltLine, were taught bike etiquette while sharing the pathway, and observed the absolutely amazing art seen throughout the ride. 

After the ride we came back to music, yard games, a photo booth, brewery tours, a food truck, and all you could eat Clif Bars paired with Orpheus beers. Did I mention this was all free? Now this was the first Clif Bar event that I've been to, but apparently they don't cut any corners when throwing a party! I mean, there was even little flowers made out of Clif Bar wrappers - too c u t e. 

I might not have won a lifetime supply of Clif Bars, but I was able to bring some home. :D Thank you Clif Bar for an amazing night. I look forward to the next one! 

This post was sponsored by @Clifbar, but as always, all opinions are my own!