Healthy eating on the go

This week is a busy one with many photoshoots lined up (music to a freelancers ears, right? haha) so I don't want to fall into the habit of relying on drive-thru food. Because eating healthy on the go isn't always the easiest thing for me, I teamed up with @postmates to do a paid collaboration and had my lunch delivered to me on set to make sure I was fueled with the right food. Bingo! Lunch break by the pool? Don't mind if I do! The website is streamlined and there are choices besides food - like I could have had clothes delivered to me from American Apparel, so cool! You get to watch the process happen; order submitted, food is being made, driver is on the way, etc. In fact, the driver even called me to let me know he was running a bit late because of traffic. Of course I anticipated that because, well, this is Atlanta we are talking about, but thought it was so courteous of him to update me! Once the food was given to me, I was able to rate my experience and tip my driver through the app. Done and done. 

If you're a new user of @postmates, just download the app and you can get $10 in delivery credit by using the code: maepm8! If you use it, let me know! 

In sponsored collaboration with Postmates.