Current workout and beauty favs

Here are some of my current favorites!

Let's start with working out. Until last week, I had never done a workout using a resistance band before so this new, but odd contraption (for me), has been keeping me on my toes. Literally, on my toes you guys. I have to wrap this thing around my feet, squat, and walk side to side. Hoolllyy cow. The next one is a given. A banana is my life saver in food form. Whenever I'm passed out on the ground covered in sweat, these things bring me back to life. Lastly, the
@FitBit is not mine, but a friend is letting me borrow it to see what I think. I'm only on day one, so I'm still open to suggestions. I for sure want something that isn't as bulky as a watch, has heart rate, sleep quality and so on. The sleeker the better. So let me know!

On to the beauty bits because I'm a sucker for all things that make me feel girly💅. First off, I currently smell amazing (when I've showered after a workout of course). So if you didn't know, the new Ralph Lauren
#TenderRomance (sent to me for testing - so thank you @Influenster!) smells amaaaazing so I've been popping that in my handbag and using it daily. Plus it's boyfriend approved - aka @cogzillaattacks loves it! Lastly, the @katvondbeauty liquid lipsticks are MY JAM and I'm finding it hard to pull myself away from these babies.💄.

What else is out there that I need to try? Bring it on!