Get your run on with Stride Box!

Good morning fitness babes! I'm already tearing through my @stridebox monthly subscription to get ready for my run (yes, I said run) this morning. Although cycling is more my thing, we all know that CX involves some action off the bike so I'm getting more prepared for this season. Now my sister has ranted and raved about Stride Box for awhile (she's the runner in the family), and always tells me about the great new stuff she gets each month. I COMPLETELY understand her excitement now. I received a reflective iPhone6+ armband (yes, finally something for my giant phone), delicious treats and a few choices for on the go hydration. Ummm it's safe to say I'm just a tab bit excited for the next monthly box! If you're interested in trying it out, which I definitely recommend, use code 5MAE16 for $5 off your first box!

This post is sponsored by the lovely people at StrideBox!