Protein Bites

Well, as someone who is a self proclaimed snackaholic, I should probably share another recipe as it's been way too long!

Between taking indoor cycling classes, training, and commuting to and from the studio, I grab these since they are easy to make and easy to take with me. BEHOLD, the seriously addicting, but also seriously easy, OLLY NUTRITION protein bites. Although extremely customizable, I'm more of a quick and easy kinD of girl, so I stuck to the basics, BUT Feel free to add dried fruit, nuts, or chocolate chips. However, I tend to stick with these four ingredients because I usually have them on hand.


Makes 12 balls

- 1/2 c instant oats

- 1/2 c protein powder (I used OLLY Nutrition in Cafe Mocha)

- a heaping 1/2 c nut butter

- 1/4 c agave syrup

Mix all four ingredients together in a bowl and BOOM, you're done. Refrigerate or eat immediately.


Caution: I don't recommend eating more than 1-2 at a time. They taste very good, but it's A LOT packed into a little ball and you don't want to stuff yourself. Trust me, been there done that. <3

Thanks to OLLY Nutrition for providing the Smoothie Blend and sponsoring this post to create these delicious bites!

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