We got a new mattress and it's kind of a big deal


Disclaimer: OK look, I had finished this post and was talking to Zach and told him that I felt like people are going to look at this post and be like, "ok cool you got a new mattress." I need you to understand just how much we love it when you see the below write-up and photos. 

We got a new mattress and I don't think we have ever loved a product more. I honestly had no clue what to expect with a mattress like this. I have seen bed in a box mattresses all over the internet but had no clue how to choose. Since this one was risk free I said yes when approached about it. We had been sleeping on an old traditional mattress prior and complained constantly about how much it sucked. The idea to upgrade was tossed around quite a bit this year so this Real Sleep by Real Simple mattress opportunity came at a perfect time.

First, let me just remind you that I don't post about things I don't actually love and I certainly don't make entire blog posts about things I don't absolutely love. I am incredibly grateful that Real Simple offered this to me and it has worked out perfectly. When I say we love it, I mean we LOVEEEE IT! 


The video above shows Zach using the razor it comes with to release the mattress from the plastic, us laying on it for the first time, and Zach twerking - haha.

Real Sleep Mattress by Real Simple

Here are a few facts about the Real Sleep by Real Simple mattress from the website and then I'll list my own comments below:

  • 10-inch thick medium-firm memory foam mattress.  
  • Medium-firm
  • Controls temperature and maximizes air flow so you never get hot.   
  • Supports your entire body for a truly restorative rest.  
  • 100% Organic Cotton Cover; easy to clean.
  • 10 Year Warranty
  • 100 Night risk free trial with free shipping and free returns.

    What I noticed:
  • It's not bouncy so we never disturb each other.
  • As soon as we put it down Loki jumped up on it with dirty paws so I was instantly annoyed, but also thankful for the removable cover. 
  • A king size mattress means more room for the doggos.
  • Since we now have a king that gives us so much extra sleeping space we call our respective sides of the bed our "island." My island is "Dog Island" and Zach's island is called "No Girls Allowed" aka stay on your side.

Zach sent me the above text message one night while I was downstairs editing and he had already went upstairs to go to bed. I knew I had to show it so I saved it for this post. 


In conclusion, please ignore how grumpy Loki is. Zach warned me during this little shoot that he had a stink face on the entire time. Also, incase anyone asks, my mom made the blanket and pillows. Lastly, thanks again to Real Sleep by Real Simple for sending this to us!