Need some last minute gift ideas? I've compiled a list with three different price brackets and everything can be found on the Specialized website. (Tip: use their search bar if you can't find something). There is something for the female cyclist in your life between $12-$400 - some items are even on clearance! Most items have several color options, so if you love something but would rather see it in another color, make sure you head on over to Specialized.com and see if they have what you're looking for. (Pssst, if you happen to wander that way, look for me because a little birdy told me that a photo of me is floating around on their website somewhere! eek!) Also, these are all items that I've tried and love, so if you have any questions about anything, please leave it in the comment section below. Happy holidays!!


GIFT GUIDE : $0-$30

22 OZ Purist Watergate Bottle - $12.00

Turbo Presta Valve Tube with Talc - $19.00

Rib Cage II - $20.00

Bandit - $25.00

Women's Grail Long Finger Glove (on clearance) - $26.88

Stix Sport Headlight - $30.00

Stix Sport Tail light - $30.00

GIFT GUIDE : $30-$100

S-Wrap HD Tape - $35.00

Women's Grail Short Finger Glove in Blue and Pink - $35.00

Women's Therminal™ 2.0 Arm Warmers - $45.00

Rib Cage II with Tool - $50.00

All Condition Armadillo Elite Tire - $55.00

Element 1.5 Glove - $60.00

Women's Therminal™ 2.0 Leg Warmers - $60.00

Women's Utility Crew in Emerald and in Carbon - $60.00

Women's Engineered Sleeveless Tech Layer - $60.00

Women's Engineered Short Sleeve Tech Layer - $70.00

Women's SL Pro Jersey Team Black/Red (on clearance) - $75.00

Women's RBX Sport Long Sleeve Jersey - $75.00

Turbo Cotton Tire (wheel not included) - $80.00

Power Comp Saddle (not pictured - is AMAZING) - $100

GIFT GUIDE : $100-$400

Women's Deflect™ Hybrid jacket Emerald - $130.00

Women's Deflect™ Hybrid jacket Neon Pink - $130.00

Women's Therminal™ Mountain Jersey - $130.00

Women's Therminal L/S Jersey in Emerald - $140.00

Womens SL Pro Jersey - $150.00

Women's Utility Hoodie with Hood Grey - $150.00

Women's Utility Hoodie with Hood Black - $150.00

Womens SL Pro Bib Short - $180.00

Women's Utility Reversible Vest - $180.00

S-Works Prevail - $200.00

S-Works Women's Evade Helmet - $225.00

Women's Element 1.5 WINDSTOPPER® Jacket - $225.00

S-Works Women's Road shoe (on clearance!) - $299.52

Women’s S-Works XC MTB (or CX) shoe - $400.00

*Prices on the Specialized website are current as of 12/15/15

My idea of a good rest night + Exciting news!

Normally when I get home from work I rush home and immediately get on the bike, but on Mondays I get to take things a little slower. Yesterday I cleaned the house, went to sushi, caught up on some retouching and lazed around until it was time to go to bed. My favorite part is cuddling up in my cozy Happy Socks (PS, I have a discount code for you below!) with a Wafel and Honey Zinger tea. This is where I usually plan out the rest of my week or catch up on my addiction of YouTube videos. As uneventful as rest days can be, it's a much needed day of the week for me personally. I know some people can go nonstop with working out all week, but I love having Mondays off to catch up on other life stuff. Do you guys have rest days? What do you usually do on them?

P.S. My addiction to socks is getting more intense every month and for the first time ever I have a discount code for you! If you want some Happy Socks for you, or to gift as a present this month, I have a 15% off code AND free shipping when you use the code HAPPYMAE at checkout! Valid until 12/31/15.

Lastly, I want to thank everyone who has been following along on my blog this month! I'm super excited to announce that I've teamed up with a few amazing brands to have giveaways the week leading up to Christmas! I've never ever done a giveaway before and I can't wait to share with you guys the stuff that I love!!
Brands that will be apart of the giveaway:
Specialized (2 winners)
Oakley (3 winners)
Pur Cosmetics (1 winner)
Revision Skincare (10 winners)
RipVan Wafels (several winners, but not sure exactly how many yet)

Details will come soon, but stay tuned on how to win starting on Monday! 


I feel like you all have seen me in my favorite kit a hundred times, so lets hear it for Sweetpea looking real cute in my get up. Surprisingly she loved the jersey and buff, but we had to do a little bribing with treats to get her to sit still with the helmet on. I didn't feel well at all yesterday so I had to make use of my gear somehow. <3 I hope everyone has been having an amazing weekend and that this puts a smile on your face! 

Workout Wardrobe Organization

Hi everyone! I'm starting to question whether or not my cycling wardrobe is larger than my regular wardrobe. With the majority of my kits in the wash, what better time to show you my attempt at organization while it's tidy! The clothing rack and compartment holder are both from Ikea, and I believe the plastic bin is from Target. This set up has helped A LOT since my closet and dresser are bursting at the doors. How is it that I have so many clothes, yet I seem to wear the same five things time and time again? Anyways, I'm off topic. I hope this helps anyone else who is struggling with workout wardrobe chaos!


Commuter Clothes

It hasn’t always been about spandex and speed. Racing? Training? Those words didn’t exist for me a few years ago. I used to ride around the city to meet friends, get coffee and mash around for no other reason except to enjoy the view. Because I didn’t know much about cycling specific clothing, I subjected myself to some uncomfortable rides from time to time. You live and learn, right? 

This week I slowed it down a bit in hopes of passing on my knowledge of casual clothes to you, so I put the Specialized Utility Crew, Levi's Commuter Jeans and Vans Lo Pro (similar version here) to the test! Here in the South it can be rain or shine in a matter of minutes and that's exactly what happened last week. I’m pleased to say that after putting everything through the elements, I highly recommend all of it.

This top was great for function, style and comfort. I kept cool with Drirelease Merino, the relaxed fit allowed me to put my own spin on the outfit by tying it up, and the zippered side pocket gave me a new place to put my keys. I’m wearing this style in Emerald Green, but you can also snag this tee in Carbon Heather for a more neutral look. The Levi's Commuter jeans have a high rise cut, so I don't show any booty, and the water repellant material really helped when it started to rain. Of course, the rain got to me through my clothes, but all of it dried fairly quick! The shoes aren't meant to have any commuter specific qualities, but I find them very comfortable to ride in. However, if I had known it was going to rain, I would have gone with MTB shoes instead. Although the Vans are great when it's sunny, I found my self slipping around a bit when it started to pour. 

Babes Ride Bikes

It's still hot in Atlanta right now, but I already want to live in this sweater. When Adrienne (@lotdeux) started @babesridebikes, I knew I had to snag an item and support this girl. The message she is putting out about cycling is so energetic and I love how she does what she wants regardless of the "technical" or "negative" comments she gets about riding. (Placement of a water bottle cage is not that important people, relax). She wants to ride and she wants everyone else to ride - in their own way, not in the way that you're told that you're supposed to. Sometimes cycling is daunting and you experience several learning curves, so I appreciate this girl encouraging everyone in a positive way. We need more PMA in this world. Thanks Adrienne for putting this simple phrase on a shirt and creating BRB. I'm stoked to follow along and see you continuously shed light on the joys of cycling with your adorable Australian accent. 💪

Available for both male and female, shop the collection from Babes Ride Bikes, here

Daily Essentials

My daily essentials include quite a bit, and to be honest, the list could go on. I’m clearly a girly girl and had a hard time narrowing it down, because lets face it – ladies carry around a lot more than most guys do (or maybe it’s just me). By day I work in the fashion industry and when I’m not working, I’m training or racing my bike. So, as you can see it takes a lot in order to keep this “dual” lifestyle going. For me a good pair of leggings is key. They can be dressed up or down which allows me to go from yoga straight to a meeting by throwing on my leather jacket, LV and lipstick. My Amira has taken training and racing to another level, my Garmin helps me keep track of it all and the chamois creme is a must. The camera, business cards, and iPad are for work and the other items include my favorite perfume, nail polish, snack, hair product and book. Take a look below for the detailed list.

Specialized Amira SL4 Expert Lululemon Edition
Hoo Ha Ride Glide (Chamois cream for cycling)
Nikon D800 Camera
Zara Faux Leather Jacket
Garmin Edge 510 Cycling Computer
Business Cards and CB2 camera-shaped card holder
Birkenstocks “Arizona” Sandle
Specialized S-Works Womens Road Cycling Shoes
Onzie Mesh Panel Leggings
UO Festival Round Sunglasses in Tortoise
Manual For Speed Psych Zebra One Bidon
iPhone 6+
Lululemon Yoga Mat
Moleskin Notebook
Eckhart Tolle – The Power of Now
The Art of Happiness – The Dalai Lama/Howard Cutler
Louis Vuitton Eva Clutch
In Purse: 
Chanel Coco Mademoiselle
Redken Guts 10 Volume Spray Foam
Butter London Nail Lacquer
L’Oreal Infallible Lipstick
Kind Bar Dark Chocolate Cherry Cashew

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Levi’s® Commuter™ Follow Up

Earlier in Spring, Levi’s® introduced their first Commuter™ line for women (read my original post here). Promising functional clothing for cyclists, the Levi’s® Commuter™ collection has performance and iconic style. Featuring water-resistant fabric, 3M™ reflective details, and deeper back pockets for secure storage, I'm following up to show you what they look like after two seasons of wear and really give my stamp of approval. I love when denim starts to wear in, and I'm pleased that the quality of the zipper, pockets and button held up like new. Although I can only speak about the wear of their denim, they have outerwear, pants, and tops and if the shorts are any reflection of the rest of the line, the other pieces won't disappoint. Shop the entire Commuter collection here