Well, as someone who is a self proclaimed snackaholic, I should probably share another recipe since it's been way too long! Behold, the seriously addicting, but also seriously EASY, protein balls. although EXTREMELY customizable, i'm more of a quick and easy kind of girl, so i stuck to the basics. Feel free to add dried fruit, nuts, chocolate chips - you name it! however, i tend to stick with these four ingredients because i always have them on hand. 


cafe mocha protein bites

Makes 12 balls

- 1/2 c instant oats

- 1/2 c protein powder (I used Olly Nutrition in Cafe Mocha)

- a heaping 1/2 c nut butter

- 1/4 c agave syrup

Mix all four ingredients together in a bowl and BOOM, you're done. Refrigerate or eat immediately.

Caution: I don't recommend eating more than 1-2 at a time. They taste very good, but it's A LOT packed into a little ball and you don't want to stuff yourself. Trust me, been there done that. <3

Thanks to Olly Nutrition for providing the Smoothie Blend to create these delicious bites!

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